Every Automobile Needs a Survival Kit!
An emergency/survival kit is a practical item that no car should be without. The kit can provide the essentials of life - food, water, medical, sanitation, warmth - at a time when needed most. Our kits are compact and durable. Click HERE>>

Social Media During Disaster Response: A Lawyer's Perspective They offer a rapid and powerful way to disseminate information - good and bad, accurate and inaccurate. In deciding whether to use them to communicate, consider the benefits and the risks. Joe McMenamin explains. Click HERE>>

  • Win a Free BlackBerry Smartphone-Your Choice of Model!
    The Disaster Resource GUIDE is conducting a survey on smartphone usage and security. Have you lost your smartphone before? Ever used it during an emergency? Suggestions for improvements? Complete the survey-two phones (your choice of model) are being given away! Click HERE>>
  • FCC Wants Broadband Users to Fund Emergency Network
    Taxpayers may not want to pay a public safety fee when they use the Internet, but it could fund an emergency network that connects emergency services at all levels. Click HERE>>
  • Russia A Nuclear Safety Leader But Still At Risk
    Russia has come a long way since the Cold War and recast itself as a champion of nuclear security worldwide, despite flaws. Click HERE>>
  • Take A Moment for Computer Updates
    Behind-the-scenes at the offices of your favorite software providers, techies release patches as fast as they can to address serious vulnerabilities - and lots of them this month. Click HERE>>
  • Volcanic Ash Muffles Economic Recovery
    The volcanic cloud over European airspace hasn't helped the area's still-struggling economy. Click HERE>>
  • U.S. Needs to CyberFight, Not CyberDeter
    The U.S. shouldn't rely on Cold War strategies to fight cyberwarfare, experts say. Extreme threats in the cyber age warrant old-fashioned war measures, not deterrence. Click HERE>>
  • Earthquake Survival More Likely In Cement Schools
    Seventy percent of schools in Yushu, China collapsed during the April 14th earthquake. Shoddy construction is being blamed for the widespread student fatalities. Click HERE>>

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Principles and Practices of Business Continuity. This book explores the subject of BC Management: from basic principles to best practices. Learn development, delivery, exercise and maintenance of an effective BC program. Click HERE>>

Small Business Plan Template Just fill in the blanks! DSPN offers a simple, affordable and self-paced template to combine business recovery plans with emergency response plans. Available in IBM® or Macintosh® in Microsoft Word® format. Click HERE>>

World Conf. on Disaster Mgmt. June 6-9. Toronto, Can. Emergency Management & Business Continuity Working Together: the largest annual conference in the world that brings together professionals from these and other disciplines. Click HERE>>

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Amcom Software Solutions Now Rated "Avaya Compliant"
Minneapolis, MN - Amcom Software, a provider of mission-critical communications solutions, announces that its contact center applications are compliant with Avaya Aura™ Application Enablement Services (AES). Avaya is a provider of enterprise communications systems. The Amcom contact center applications help organizations create safer and more efficient environments through fast, intelligent information sharing. Click HERE>>

Survey Shows Most Schools Regularly Test Emergency Notification System
Leesburg, VA - Omnilert®, LLC, maker of e2Campus®, a unified emergency notification system for education, recently announced the results of a customer survey that measured the testing practices of clients' emergency notification systems (ENS). A brief survey was sent out to a random sampling of e2Campus clients asking for basic ENS testing practices. The first 100 schools to respond provided the results, and some trends were very easy to spot. Click HERE>>

PINpoint Tested Under FEMA's NIMS STEP Program
Toronto, ON - Tenet's PINpoint is an enterprise emergency preparedness and response application that leverages BlackBerry smartphones to facilitate communications and coordinated action. A final report will be available within 4-6 weeks, and will be posted on FEMA's Responder Knowledge Base website (www.RKB.us), which provides government officials and other end users with access to evaluated products and results. Click HERE>>

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