Virtually Blind

Fifty percent of workloads will run inside virtual machines by 2012, says a recent study by analyst firm Gartner.  nd organizations need to understand what that means in security terms.

In an article on the CNET news website, Dave Rosenberg says that according to Amir Ben-Efraim, CEO of virtualization security provider Altor Networks, two common ways to secure virtual networks are falling short. Ben-Afraim said companies typically either use VLANS “to separate and control communication between VMs (virtual machines)” or take software-based firewalls, “running them as agents on each VM.”

The CNET article explains the limitations and complexities of these common approaches and why they fail. What’s needed instead, Ben-Efraim told Rosenberg, is “a security solution that is architected specifically for protecting inter-VM traffic without detracting from virtualization’s value.”

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