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Internationally recognized speaker and expert in Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning, Management and Mitigation.

Ms. Carrido is founder and President of MLC & Associates, Inc. MLC is an international business-consulting firm based in Port Orchard, Washington (a suburb of the Greater Seattle area) with affiliate offices in Irvine, California and in Mexico. As President of MLC, Ms. Carrido has over 17 years of experience encompassing a wide range of activities and industries. She has managed and conducted Disaster Recovery and Business Resumption projects for Cities, Transportation Agencies, Utilities, Banks, Savings & Loans, Cellular Telephone, Distribution, Hospitals and Manufacturing companies. Projects have included:

Initial Project Assessments
Risk Analyses
Business Impact Analyses
Emergency Response/Preparedness Training
First Aid/CPR
Light Search & Rescue
Disaster Recovery
Business Resumption
Integrated Systems SM
Employee Involvement "Team" Plans and Training
Disaster Recovery and Business Resumption Training Programs for Management
Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Exercises
Triage Exercises
Disaster Recovery and Business Resumption Training including Full Scale Major Simulation Exercises
Post Exercise Third Party Reviews
Crisis Management
Leadership Training

Ms. Carrido’s efforts also led to the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between DRBA, ACP, and the National Emergency Managers Association (NEMA). A separate MOU between DRBA, ACP, and the Insurance Institute for Property Loss Reduction (IIPLR) was also completed. She is a past President of the Los Angeles Chapter of the ACP, and currently the National ACP Chairman and CEO. Prior to being elected to ACP's top post, she served on the National ACP Board of Directors as Director of Communications and Public Relations. Throughout her various positions in ACP, Ms. Carrido has demonstrated her strong leadership capabilities and team building skills.

Ms. Carrido's other affiliations include serving for two years on the Board of Directors for the Business and Industry Council for Emergency Planning and Preparedness (BICEPP) and sitting on the Advisory Board at the University of North Texas. She is also a founding member of the Business Alliance for Earthquake Education and Mitigation that worked with the U.S. Geologic Survey to promote community and business earthquake preparedness. She served on the California Clearing House Disaster Recovery Task Force and on (past) Governor Deukmajian's Seismic Safety Commission Committee to develop guidelines for emergency assistance for financial institutions to utilize automated methods to access vital data from banks.

Ms. Carrido pursued her undergraduate degree in Economics from the University of California at Los Angeles, and is a graduate of Stanford University's Executive Bank Management Program. Demonstrated Performance and Abilities Ms. Carrido is one of the founders and a member of the Steering Committee for the Evansville/Henderson "Disaster Resistant Communities" Program, the nation’s first project of this kind. Ms. Carrido has also served on the Business Alliance for Earthquake Education and Mitigation (includes representatives from the USGS, public sector and private sector) that developed "Putting Down Roots in Earthquake Country", NEREP's White House Mitigation Task Force, 1995 (USGS Washington DC) and the ICMA/FEMA Disaster Resistant Communities Task Force (ICMA, Washington DC).

Ms. Carrido is an international speaker and known as an industry expert in the fields of Contingency Planning, Emergency Response, Preparedness, Disaster Recovery Planning, Business Resumption, Project Management, Employee Incentive Programs, Strategic Planning, and Motivation. Has worked with the private and public sectors. She has also been a contributing writer to the Disaster Recovery Journal, Contingency Planning Magazine and the ACP Communicator. She is the originator of the concept of "Internal vs. External Planning for Contingency Planning and Emergency Management".

Ms. Carrido’s speaking credits include:

"CPM ’97 Conference" sponsored by Contingency Planning & Management Magazine (Orlando, Florida)

"Fourth Annual Congress on Natural Hazard Loss Reduction", sponsored by the Insurance Institute for Property Loss Reduction (Irvine, California)

"The Association of Contingency Planners, A Vision for the Future" sponsored by SunGard (Mexico City, Mexico)

"Business Continuation and Disaster Recovery Seminar" sponsored by The Prudential and MLC & Associates (Long Beach, California)

"Disaster Recovery Planning" sponsored by the California League of Savings Institutions (Palm Springs, California)

"Corporate Wide Disaster Recovery & Business Resumption Programs and Their Dependency on the Business Impact Analysis" at the ACP Salt Lake City Chapter Annual Symposium, 1994 (Salt Lake City, Utah)

"Designing and Developing Elements of Your Disaster Recovery Program" for the Administrators of Legal Office Services (Los Angeles, California)

"Disaster Recovery and Business Resumption Planning" for the Financial Managers Society, Tri-Cities Chapter (Orange, California)

"Disaster Recovery and Business Resumption Planning" for the Los Angeles (Independent) School Headmasters sponsored by the Buckley School (Sherman Oaks, California)

"Disaster Recovery and Business Resumption Seminar" sponsored by Rollins Hudig Hall (Seattle, Washington)

"Managing Disasters, Contingency Planning and Recovery Workshop" sponsored by the California State University of Los Angeles (Los Angeles, California)

"The Role of ACP in the 90's" sponsored by the National Association of Aluminum Distributors (Marina del Rey, California)

"The Role of ACP in the 90's" at the 1994 ACP Symposium sponsored by the Los Angeles Chapter of ACP (Long Beach, California)

"The Role of the Contingency Planner in the 90's" at the ACP Salt Lake City Chapter Annual Symposium, 1994 (Salt Lake City, Utah)

"Regional Business Recovery" at the Natural Hazard Workshop, 1995 (Boulder, Colorado)

"Public and Private Sector Partnerships" at the Natural Hazard Workshop, 1996 (Denver, Colorado)

In addition to her Disaster Recovery and Business Resumption experience, Ms. Carrido has over a decade of expertise in the financial services industry. Her background includes: Strategic, business, and contingency planning; project, product, operations and Total Quality management; systems analysis and development; electronic and retail banking; and data security.In particular, Ms. Carrido possesses an extensive knowledge of retail banking. This experience is a direct result of her participation and involvement in various ATM/POS/EFT development projects for large financial institutions. She has also provided coordination and procedures for the implementation of ATM/POS systems designed to interlink merchants with a financial institution's unique network. Ms. Carrido's financial background includes:

Market and research analysis for POS debit programs, ATM networks, and electronic payment systems in coordination with hardware capability.

System design, development, and feasibility analysis for EFT/ATM/POS networks for banking institutions.

Development and implementation of POS debit card pilot programs with medium size merchants for large financial institutions.

Development and project management for acquisitions and mergers for financial institutions.

Development, reporting, tracking, and administration of: Project, Product, and Operations Management for the implementation of Policies & Procedures, Disaster Recovery Plans, and ATM/POS Systems.

Development and implementation of business and marketing plans for financial institutions and consumer product manufacturers.

• BS Economics
• Stanford University's Executive Bank Management Program

• International Association of Contingency Planners
• Business and Industry Council for Planning and Preparedness
• Central United States Earthquake Consortium
• Association of State Flood Plain Managers
• National Emergency Managers Assocation Private Sector Committee

Market competitive consulting rates. Speaking and writing engagements may be pro bono or require time and expense reimbursement depending on the nature of the engagement.

All aspects of strategic contingency planning and management. This may include mitigation, response, recovery, and/or business resumption strategies. I am especially interested in the improvement of the performance of individuals and teams in contingency planning, disaster response and business recovery. Have particular experience in the area of public-private partnerships for mitigation and recovery planning with emphasis on the building of relationships across cultural barriers.

• Business Continuity
• Public and Private Partnerships
• Crisis Management
• Organizational Development
• Securing Upper Management Buy-in for Business Continuity Programs
• Stress Management
• Business Continuity for E-Commerce
• Business Impact Analysis
• Work Flow Analysis
• Community Threat Analysis
• Project Management
• Facility Issues
• Information Technology