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Educational background:
Wrobel holds degrees in Telecommunications Systems Technology, Electronic Systems Technology and Business and Public Policy.

Professional experience:
Leo Wrobel founded Premiere Network Services Inc. in 1986 securing $3/4 million in start-up funding and constructing a 10,000 sq. ft. computer center to provide emergency telecommunications and disaster recovery support to a base of industrial and governmental clients. Today, contingency planning still constitutes a large portion of his company's practice.

Leo has helped all sorts of clients both in day-to-day projects, and in "touching the future" with the networks of tomorrow. His experience includes Banking, Brokerage, Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Health Care, and Government. Among his assignments he has conducted education, emerging technology, and regulatory projects including:

Secured regulatory approval for one of the first "Information Superhighways" in Texas by brokering a strategic partnership between a $10 billion manufacturing giant and two local telephone companies.

Conducted seminars for hundreds of "Fortune 1000" companies in the U.S. and overseas. (Over 4000 attendees in all!)

Published dozens of books and trade articles.

Represented clients in telecommunications regulatory matters and telephone rate cases.

Codified Disaster Recovery Plans, for both Commercial and Governmental concerns.

Aided in development of business plans for several technical start-up companies.

Monitored Regulatory Compliance for a major long distance company.

Lectured frequently at expositions, user forums and on television news programs.

Conducted telecommunications lobbying activities at the State and Federal level.

Active association memberships:
• Memberships in Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), and Association of Contingency Planners

Professional services:
• Speaking engagements
Writing articles

Topics for speaking, writing, and consulting:
An active author and lecturer, Leo Wrobel has published nine books and dozens of trade articles on a variety of technical subjects including such noteworthy works as the following.

• The Definitive Guide to Business Resumption Planning (Artech House)
• Managing Emerging Technologies for Strategic Advantage (Computer Economics)
• Writing Disaster Recovery Plans for Telecom & LAN (Artech House)
• Disaster Recovery Planning for Telecommunication (Artech House)
• Implementing a Successful Telecommunications Disaster Recovery Plan (IS Management Group)
• Business Resumption Planning (Auerbach Publishers)
• Understanding Emerging Network Services, Pricing and Regulation (Artech House).

Wrobel, a knowledgeable and effective communicator known for his entertaining presentation style, lectures and teaches on a wide variety of technical topics. Demand for his speaking talent has taken Wrobel throughout the United States and overseas to Israel, South America, and other locations. Formerly, a three-term City Councilman and elected Mayor, Wrobel is a skilled and powerful communicator known for his ability to build consensus. We offer numerous on site training classes, including:

Disaster Recovery/Business Resumption
• Business Resumption Plans for Telecommunications Networks and LANs
• Disaster Recovery Planning for Municipalities and Government
• Disaster Recovery Planning for Telecommunications
• Write A GREAT Disaster Recovery Plan
• Writing Operating and Security Standards for Telecommunications Networks and LANs

Emerging Technology
• Doing a CUSTOM Network Deal
• Intensive Introduction to Digital Communications
• Intensive Introduction to Telecommunications Service Pricing, Tariffs and Regulatory Affairs
• Managing Emerging Technologies for Competitive Advantages
• Telecommunications Fundamentals for LAN Managers and Non-Engineering Professionals

Other Great Seminars
• The Virtual Office
• Packaging and Selling Telecommunications Solutions

Leo's experience includes assignments at AT&T, a major mortgage banking company, and a host of other firms engaged in banking, brokerage, heavy manufacturing, telecommunications services and government. His achievements have included the design and regulatory approval of a LATA-wide OC-12 / ATM network for a $10 billion manufacturing giant, the first of its kind anywhere.

Leo offers a wealth of information with consulting services such as:

• Disaster Recovery Planning Service
• Technical Publishing and Evaluation Service
• Technical Presentation Services
• Technical Writing Services
• Core Business Evaluation Service
• Emerging Technology Evaluation Service
• Custom Tariff Regulatory Support Service

Other relevant information:
A widely published, nationally-recognized expert in Advanced Technology, and proven rain maker, Leo A. Wrobel has historically applied his charismatic mix of Organizational, Communicative and Technical Skills to foresighted firms which demand top-notch support.

Wrobel, has more than two decades of experience in emerging network technology, disaster recovery planning, and technical training. Wrobel, a nationally renowned technical futurist, has been President and CEO of the Dallas-based firm, Premiere Network Services Inc. since 1986.