KathyRaineyThe Disaster Resource GUIDE has roots in the lessons learned after the devastating Mexico City earthquake (1985) which highlighted the need for preparedness and preplanning. The recurring message in the mainstream media: "Human suffering could have been enormously reduced if 72-hour preparedness had been a pre-earthquake priority."

Disaster Resource GUIDE is published by Emergency Lifeline Corporation. ELC was founded in 1985 by Kathy Gannon Rainey with the purpose of helping businesses, schools, families and individuals prepare for 72-hour self-sufficiency. In addition to selling preparedness kits and supplies, Emergency Lifeline published educational resources for hazard mitigation and emergency preparedness. These simple educational publications spotlighted several companies with diverse products for a developing marketplace.

In the early 1990s, an industry began to emerge. There were small steps of collaboration between the disciplines of business recovery (now aka business continuity) and emergency management. Major corporations realized that business recovery and resumption was linked to the well-being of its employees and the survivability of its infrastructure. This movement was the catalyst for the Disaster Resource GUIDE which was launched in 1996.

The Disaster Resource GUIDE is about helping companies, institutions, communities, and families preserve and protect those things that are most important– people...property...jobs...business assets...community.

If these concerns are your concerns.....the GUIDE is for you. Our mission is to consolidate and communicate thousands of resources through four media vehicles:

>> Annual Disaster Resource GUIDE

>> Special Edition Mini-GUIDEs

>> Wednesday Continuity eGUIDE

>> 24/7 Online GUIDE

Our job has been made easier by a growing corporate and government commitment to "work together" to ensure continuity of our corporations and communities. TODAY WE SEE…

  • Information Technology, Facilities, Human Resources, Risk Management, Safety and other departments working together to create enterprise-wide programs for the continuity of the organization
  • An increase in the number of grassroots contingency/emergency planning groups who are eager to "share the wealth" of their knowledge, training and experience
  • The formation of public and private partnerships—relationships forged because of a shared belief that, by "working together", communities can lessen the impact of disasters


The GUIDE is a result of working together with three important groups – an experienced and knowledgeable Advisory Board and Editorial Board, a grassroots alliance of organizations, and participation of more than 300 companies with essential products and services . We have organized the GUIDE into 6 distinct sections with the hope that it will be more "user friendly". You will see resources for:

  • Planning and Management
  • Human Concerns
  • Information Availability & Security
  • Telecom & Satcom
  • Facility Issues
  • Crisis Communications & Response

Let us know how we can better serve you, and by the way….when you call our advertisers for information about products and services, be sure to say, "I saw you in the GUIDE!"


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