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BC, EM & InfoSec Convergence. In the early 90s, Kathy Rainey observed tiny steps toward integration of EM & DR. These insights provided impetus for the annual GUIDE with a message of convergence--InfoSec and the disciplines of BC & EM. Interact with us on this topic. Click HERE>>

Americans Poorly Prepared for Emergencies, Survey Finds
From hurricanes to earthquakes, this year has been filled with disaster, making us aware of how important it is to be prepared. So how come most of us aren’t prepared at all? Click HERE>>

Tom Ridge and Security Expert Disagree on National ID
Former DHS secretary Tom Ridge and a prominent IT security guru have taken sides on the debate over a national ID card. Is the card an inevitability or a waste of money? Click HERE>>

SEC to Revisit ‘One Size Fits All’ Elements of SOX
Critics of SOA have always complained the requirements are too onerous for small companies. Now the SEC is finally revisiting the issue, but what will they recommend? Click HERE>>

Security Pros Are Winning Favor in the Boardroom
Are IT professionals getting the respect they deserve from the boardroom? A new study found that almost 75% of them say yes. Does your organization listen to its IT pros? Click HERE>>

Government Calls on Public to Prepare Bird Flu Response
Preparing for a bird flu outbreak isn’t just important for government, it’s important for families, businesses, schools and churches, White House officials say. Will we listen? Click HERE>>

Government, Industry More Vulnerable to Cyberthreats
Government and industry are more vulnerable to security breaches than before. Our awareness of cybersecurity issues is growing, so why aren’t we better prepared? Click HERE>>

Dialogic Communications Corp. DCC provides emergency notification technology that automatically alerts first responders, personnel and communities- at-risk during critical/routine situations while offering unrivaled technical support. Click HERE>>

A Survival Kit... a Terrific Gift to Show You Care!
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New speakers:
Prof Redlener of Columbia U., expert on the bird flu pandemic, and Prof Sheffi of MIT, author of "The Resilient Enterprise,"highly praised book on disaster thinking. March 21-22, Metropolitan Pavilion, New York. Save time and register for free show by Clicking HERE>>


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Edwards Disaster Recovery Directory 2006 Edition Just Released!
...everything your organization needs to get up and running after disaster. Be better prepared with thousands of business continuity and disaster recovery resources in 400+ categories. Reference the disaster planning articles on workplace violence, bioterrorism planning and crisis communication. Available in book or CD, it makes a critical difference before, during and after a disaster.

Office of Security and Emergency Preparedness Purchases LDRPS from Strohl Systems
King of Prussia, PA — US Senate Office of the Sergeant at Arms, Office of Security and Emergency Preparedness recently purchased LDRPS from Strohl Systems to enable it to more efficiently manage and maintain its continuity of operations plans (COOP) which help ensure an orderly and efficient return to normal government operations should there be a disruption.

27th Annual International Disaster Management Conference 2006
Orlando, FL — Feb. 9-12 — The conference has been designed to meet the educational needs of all persons and agencies involved with emergency preparedness, response, and disaster recovery. This year’s Planning Committee acknowledges the unique role that the myriad of first responders, response agencies and communities play in planning for, responding to, and mitigating disasters.

The Association of Contingency Planners Announces Connecticut Chapter
Hartford, CT — ACP, an organization for professionals in the field of BCP, announces the chartering of the Connecticut Chapter. Serving Connecticut, Western Massachusetts and Southern Rhode Island the chapter will provide networking, educational, and professional development services to the rapidly growing number of business continuity professionals throughout the area.

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Based on the philosophy of "working together", the weekly Continuity e-GUIDE provides a concise seven-day snapshot of the business continuity and emergency management industry from around the world right down to the local level.

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