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20 Years of History... can you help us? We're developing a feature for the 2007/08 GUIDE which will include a timeline for the evolving industry of emergency management, business continuity and homeland security. Could you tell us key events, major issues and legislation? Click HERE>>

Schools Need More Training for Emergencies, GAO Says
A new GAO study of all 50 states has found some alarming statistics about our schools. Are they short on the equipment and expertise needed to respond to emergencies? Click HERE>>

National Hurricane Center Says Agency Lost Focus
The new director of the National Hurricane Center isn't keeping quiet about the problems he sees at the NOAA. Why does he say the agency has lost its focus? Click HERE>>

Disasters Bring New Challenges to the Supply Chain
In a disaster, there’s not a lot of time to get things in order. For shippers and carriers, this can be even more of a challenge. How does the supply chain keep running in a disaster? Click HERE>>

Guard is Ready for Storm Season, Florida Officials Say
Despite many of the nation's governors sounding the alarm over a depleted National Guard, Florida Gov. Charlie Crist and his team say their state's Guard is ready for storm season. Click HERE>>

TJX Takes $12 Million Hit in First Quarter for Data Breach
Just how much will a data breach cost your company? If you're like retail giant TJX, it could be as much as $12 million. Click HERE>>

New Tool Could Help Gauge Strength of Hurricanes
It's happened so many times before: A weak storm hits land and turns into a raging monster of a storm. Will a new radar tool help researchers predict this in the future? Click HERE>>

AOK Rescue Chair
The safest and easiest way to transport a person, in an emergency, down or up a flight of stairs in a high-rise building! The Americans with Disabilities Act requires employers to provide reasonable accommodations for disabled employees.
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Don't lose valuable email communications
when recovering from a disaster. Use this editable Request For Proposal template to define your archiving requirements and find an appropriate solution.
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Partners in Emg Mgt: Working Together. 55th IAEM Annual Conference & EMEX 2007 Expo. November 11-14: Reno, NV. Sessions encourage the exchange of ideas on collaborating to protect lives and property from disaster. You won't want to miss it! Click HERE>>


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MessageOne Offers CIO's Top Ten Actions to Prepare for Hurricane Season
Austin, TX – The ‘07 Atlantic hurricane season will be “very active” according to reports from the forecasting team led by William Gray of Colorado State Univ. With the official start only weeks away, MessageOne – with input from several of its New Orleans and Florida-based customers – has compiled a guide outlining the top ten actions a CIO can take to prepare its organization within a hurricane impact zone. Click HERE>>

Conf. on Community Prep.: "Partnerships & Collaboration Through Citizen Corps."
Alexandria, VA – June 10-13. Share best practices on community preparedness, get suggestions on how to reach out to specific population segments, learn innovative approaches to funding, hear updates on DHS initiatives, hear ideas on engaging elected officials, and much, much more! Hosted jointly by IAEM and NEMA. Open to all who are interested in making their communities safer, stronger, and better prepared for all types of hazards.  Click HERE>> Adds Legacy BCP Data Migration to QuickStart Program
Shelton, CT – have added no cost legacy software data migration services to their QuickStart implementation success program. Clients already enjoy rapid deployment due to improvements in ease of use and implementation. With this migration assistance, implementations will produce benefits faster than before, while new customers avoid the pain of re-keying BCP data from their old software. Click HERE>>

FDNY Honors UTC Fire & Security President
Farmington, CT – The FDNY Foundation presented its annual Fire Commissioner's Humanitarian Award to UTC Fire & Security President William Brown recently during a gala dinner held at the New York Hilton. The award recognizes the distinguished fire safety heritage of Kidde, which is celebrating its 90th anniversary this year. Kidde is part of UTC Fire & Security, a unit of United Technologies Corp. Click HERE>>

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