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Today's business environment demands immediate response to critical situations. Be prepared ahead of time to ensure that your business continuity isn't affected. For information or to become an Ontrack Corporate Partner, Click HERE>>

Email and Business Continuity:
Are sales and marketing emails blocked by your customers' Business Continuity efforts? Sales and marketing are now key drivers for business continuity. Meet email guru Michelle Keegan. A recognized expert on e-commerce and email marketing shares 5 tips to increase your email deliverability. Click HERE>>

Most Hacks Are Inside Jobs, So Why Don't Firms Screen Applicants Better?
Companies deploy the best technology to deter network intrusion. Yet more often than not, they entrust the entire system to someone inadequately screened at hiring! Click HERE>>

Tunnel Fire Tests BC Readiness in UK - Many Firms Fail
Lessons about the need for backup communication lines were learned the hard way last week in Manchester as a fire in a telecom tunnel knocked out phone and Internet service for hundreds of area businesses. Click HERE>>

BC Planning Lower on the Priority List? The implications...
Shrinking budgets have some CIOs scaling back the BC plans and technology implemented after 9/11. Are US businesses less protected now than they were two years ago? Click HERE>>

Group Urges Feds To Demand More Secure Systems From Vendors
Washington spends $56B on technology a year. That's clout the Feds could use to force industry to make better and more secure IT solutions. Click HERE>>

Threat-Specific Backup Strategies Considered
How can data storage systems be optimized to deal with a wide range of threats? One expert offers her strategies. Click HERE>>

Home PC users - Cyber Security's 'Soft Underbelly'
One DHS official lays partial blame for the astonishing spread of recent worms and virus attacks at the feet of ill-protected home PC users. Click HERE>>


Business Continuity Workshop
Participants learn best practices for designing a comprehensive, enterprise-wide Business Continuity Plan. Two instructors employ lecture and video clips to deliver an energetic, content-rich agenda. Check the schedule here. Click HERE>>

EVAC-U8™...Innovative Escape Smoke Hood

Three out of four fire fatalities are caused by smoke inhalation. The EVAC-U8™ provides respiratory protection with 15 minutes of breathable air to help you evacuate safely in a fire related emergency. For office, home or hotel.
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Business Continuity, Security & Crisis Management Seminars The Conference Board, the world's leading business membership organization which conducts seminars, studies and trend analyses in the public interest, is offering 2 days of executive level business continuity seminars in May.
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“Share the Wealth”…Industry Organizations Update
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Certified Emergency ManagerŪ Program Overview and Exam
To be held at CPM 2004 West May 24-27, 2004 in Las Vegas. Register for CEM overview/exam to be held Sunday, May 23, 2004. The cost of $450 includes complete CEM enrollment, application and examination fees (IAEM members receive $125 discount) For more information
, Click HERE>>.

For general conference information, Click HERE>>.

Grant Competition Encourages Homeland Security Efforts
The Corporation for National and Community Service has announced a grant competition for nonprofit organizations and public agencies to engage volunteers in homeland security efforts in their communities. There is a total of $4 million available, and awards are expected to be made in the range of $100,000 to $500,000 each for one-year projects. The application deadline is 5 p.m., Friday, April 23. For more details, please Click HERE>>.

308 SYSTEMS and ChemWatchNA Join Forces To Enhance First Responder Field Capabilities
308 SYSTEMS and ChemWatchNA have announced a joint marketing agreement to upgrade Bioterrorism, Military, Public Safety, HAZMAT and related First Responder field operations. The two companies agreed to integrate the ChemWatch Chemical Database and 308 SYSTEMS Tactical Communications Package(TAC-PAK) "Emergency Operations Center(EOC) in a Briefcase". This relationship combines the extensive and highly portable TAC-PAK field command and control capabilities with comprehensive chemical information stored within the ChemWatch database.

For the first time, Federal, State and Local field agencies charged with protecting the public from terrorism, accidents and injury will have information and MSDS sheets on every infectious substance in the CDC, mass casualty and explosive materials, most drugs found in a hospital, and over 75,000 common chemical mixtures from jet fuels to roach killers and cleaning agents, available to them from any remote location in the world.

For additional information, please contact Mark Lueker at (970) 282-7006 or by email at info@308systems.com or Click HERE>>.

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